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Welcome to Banganga Municipality Website

Welcome To Banganga Municipality

Banganga municipality is a municipality with strategic importance from historical, religious, touristic and commercial point of view. Banganga municipality is located between 27 degrees 35 minutes north latitude to 27 degrees 48 minutes north latitude and 83 degrees 03 minutes east longitude to 83 degrees 14 minutes east longitude on the world map. Banganga, Hathousa, Patna, Gajehda, Kopawa, Motipur and Bhalwad, the former V.D.C of Kapilvastu district, have been declared Banganga Municipality by the Government of Nepal according to the decision of the Council of Ministers 2071/8/16. Mainly because it is the irrigated area of ​​Banganga River, it seems natural and justified to name this municipality as Banganga Municipality. This Banganga river, which is considered to be the symbol of the ancient Bhagirathi River, has historical, religious and touristic importance. It is understood that when Lord Ramchandra was staying in Banavas, due to water problems, he shot an arrow and the water source broke and turned into the Ganges, hence the name of the river Banganga. Banganga municipality is a holy land where the Tapobhumi of Maharishi Kapilmuni, the pioneer of Shakya philosophy, Shringighat, Madhuvandham, Lakshmanaghat, Vargaddhighat, etc. along with this river and the municipality named after it, is also of historical significance.


On the east side of this municipality is Kothin River Saljhandi Forest Rupandehi Rudrapur V.D.C West Koili River Gorusinge Forest of Buddhbhoomi Municipality, North Sitganga Municipality Arghakhanchi District and South Kapilvastu Municipality Niglihwa, Jahdi and Mayadevi Villages Pataria.

Banganga Municipality is located at a distance of 15 km to the north from the district headquarters Taulihawa. According to Census 2078, the total population of Banganga Municipality is 96714 with 23325 households. In which female population is 51307 and male population is 45407. The castes living within this municipality include Tharu Brahmin, Kshetri, Gurung, Magar, Dalit, Yadav and Musalwan.

The main occupation of the people living in Banganga Municipality, which is inhabited by mixed castes, is agriculture, trade, industry, employment, and wage-earning. There are mainly agricultural and animal products such as rice, corn, wheat, mustard, fish farming, poultry, beekeeping and other animal husbandry. Looking at the educational situation of the municipality, it seems satisfactory compared to other municipalities